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Plant Group combines landscaping, environmental science, and best practices in sustainable design and engineering to create co-habitable spaces within the built and natural environment.


From working with native plants to designing pollinator habitat, Plant Group is dedicated to applying permaculture principles to our landscaping work on rooftops, residential areas, and green spaces.

Smart Water Systems

Water use efficiency and conservation is central to our mission. We employ soil moisture sensors and rainwater catchment systems for water conservation and stormwater mitigation.

Environmental Monitoring

Whether it's air quality, temperature, moisture, or other metrics, we deliver environmental data to IoT dashboards, to help stakeholders make smarter decisions.


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Paseo Verde Apartments


Harlem Grown Farm

Drip Irrigation

Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm

Rainwater Capture & Irrigation

Urban Creators Farm

Rainwater Capture & Irrigation

Brooklyn Grange Farm

Smart Irrigation & Monitoring

CCNY Solar Roofpod

Drip Irrigation



Our mission is to support sustainable communities through design, technology, and co-building.

  • Irrigation

    Urban Farms

    Over half of the world's popualtion now lives in cities. Urban farms now produce 1/5 of the world's food. Plant Group helps solve critical water conservation and agriculture challenges through drip irrigation, realtime environmental monitoring, and web app integration.


    Permaculture for Urban Environments

    Our landscaping installations range from residential gardens to green roofs, rain gardens, green walls, and other forms of green infrastructure. A focus on native plants, drought-tolerant species, and ecologically responsible design princples is meant to help create landscape designed for people and nature.


    Design for Interior & Exterior Environments

    Landscaping and irrigation design services, including drawings, models and renderings, and design-to-build project approach. Our creative team can help you integrate plants into your indoor our outdoor space.


    People Learning About Nature Together

    Plant Group offers educational workshops and tailored curricula for community supported infrastructure, green technology, school gardens, and urban agriculture. Contact us to learn more about scheduling a workshop today.

Our Team

Austin Arrington

Executive Director / Co-Founder

Bill Weiner

Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

B.B. Arrington

Director of Wellness & Vision

Plant Group is a growing network of environmentalists and doers, looking to leave the world a better place than they found it in. See the whole team.

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